About Us

Based out of New Jersey, Yrovi Mitchell is a clothing brand, with emphases on the entire family. The Yrovi brand is a symbol of style, elegance and comfort, that Yrovi Mitchell strives to bring to the table with each garment that it presents. Yrovi Mitchell comes in a wide range of colors, designs, fabrics and stitched clothing, bags, shoes and prestige apparel. Yrovi Mitchell also represents individual character, as it has many entities under it's umbrella. With being persistent and consistent, Yrovi Mitchell is striving to be one of the most recognized and respected clothing brands in the market!!

Meet the Founder

Ivory Mitchell is the Founder of the Yrovi Mitchell Brand. He was born and raised in city of the heart of festivals New Orleans, La, where fashion comes in many different cultures and designs. His up bringing allowed him to be a part of many colorful experiences, as NOLA is full of bright fun and unexpected sites! He realized at a young age that fashion was something that intrigued him. As he observed the different styles of dressing and clothing that random people were wearing, he also had style of his own. It was to be neat, clean and smelling good!! Though having the thought of owning a clothing brand didn't come into play until many years later, Ivory always was into drawing and designing things. Nothing in particular, just anything that came to mind. He had taken up wood working classes in Junior High School. Also he attended a couple of college courses as and undergrad, Commercial Arts and Architectural Engineering. So design has always been there within him for many years, In 2019 Yrovi Mitchell came into play, and he started to draw and design clothing, shoes etc.. Now in 2021 Yrovi Mitchell is a clothing brand making it's debut, with hopes of being one of the best out there in the industry.